How to create Teachers Salary Slip Online

Salary Slips of Teachers online Registration

PIFRA   has   started free employee Pay salary Slip Email Registration for all teachers of Punjab. Now Teachers can get their Pay slips by their email address by using their own Email address at home.

Here On this page we are sharing very useful information for all teachers about to create Salary Slip Email Registration for male employees and Female employees.

By using Salary Slip Email Registration teachers will be free to pay any charges to get pay slip each and every month.

Individual male employees getting salaries from AGPR including sub offices, AGs and DAOs across Pakistan.
 PIFRA (Project to improve Financial Reporting and Auditing has worked well for all teachers of Education Department.

For Creating Pay slip or Salary Slip Email Registration you must have the following requirements.

For More Information

  • Employee of Government   Education Department
  • Employee Personal Number
  • Updated CNIC
  • Email Address of Yahoo or Gmail Only
  • Full Name
  • Scale
  • Account Office
  • Contact Information

Click the links given below for Create Online Salary Slip Email Registration on

Male Employees
Female Employees

Note: All Teachers would be able to get their salary slips after month or on last date of the month after sending request for Salary Slip Email Registration.

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