Finally European Commission imposed a €561 million fine to Microsoft

Final Figure fine to Microsoft by European Commission is €561 million

Microsoft dropped yesterday due to European commission inflicted €561 million fine over Internet Browsing issue.

Microsoft unaware round about 14 months for the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 technical Error and 15 million people were unable to use their choice, the Commission Found.

Joaquin Almunia said the aim of the fine was to “punish the company that has been responsible for the breach of the agreement, and to discourage companies that can be invited to follow this path”.

The €561 million fine represents 1 per cent of Microsoft’s turnover, although the commission technically had the power to impose a fine of up to 10 per cent of taxation.

“We took into account the duration of the violation, the gravity of the infringement and the degree of co-operation goes to result of 561 million figures.

Mr Almunia said the Commission had “trusted” the compliance reports from Microsoft.

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