Boxer Amir Khan to Introduce Boxing Academy in Pakistan

Amir boxer to build Boxing Academy in pakistan

Islamabad: the British Government has full support to Amir Khan Boxer to Build Boxing Academy in Pakistan to get new boxers young Talent of Pakistan.

Pakistani citizen Amir Khan met with British high commissioner Philip Barton and showed his interest to build a boxing academy in Pakistan city Islamabad.

The British high Commissioner has made full support of British Government to Amir Khan to establish Sport Academy in Pakistan.  Philip Barton said that this academy will produce many boxing champions in future.

“Amir is a great ambassador for sport both in the UK and in Pakistan. He personifies the cultural bonds between our two nations including our shared love for sports,” Barton said.

 “Pakistan can produce not one or two, but several champions; but they need support,” he said.

Amir Khan said that I am quite happy for British government support for Pakistan to build a boxing academy in Pakistan. Being a British Pakistani Boxer I always felt proud to work for Pakistan.

This country loves for all who love games.  I always tried to build a connection between Pakistan and UK on every forum. I hope in future Pakistan will be a historic Friend of UK.

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